“Haven’t painted for ages it seems and feel as if my painting days are over… Occasionally I get a flicker of an idea then it fades or sufficient enthusiasm is lacking and there we are. Nothing to do about it. I am at a crossroads really and have yet no visions to know what to do; what road to take. But my oh my, I am anxious to be on my way- and that is trying when one doesn’t know the way.”

June 1933, Lawren Harris Letter to Emily Carr.

From the book, Inward Journey, The Life of Lawren Harris by James King

Lawren Harris
"Swan Lake, Algonquin Park"

Oil on panel 10.5” x 13.9”

“I need to get to work and disregard all the silly vagaries of personal feelings. Always somehow if one keeps working, something comes through.”
Inward Journey: The Life of Lawren Harris
Lawren Harris
"Lake Superior Sketch II" c.1924


Lawren Harris
Lake Superior SKetch III, c.1925


You’re looking at a $968,500 painting.

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